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11th December 2020


It is time to create great presentation and show my idea to producers.

Pitching: READY!

First concept art

First concept of diesel punk flying car is done! I am ready to build first concept of industrial tall buildings which will look like floating in smoke and dust with flying cars around.

8th November 2020

Let the story begin

After almost 3 years experience of VFX compositing and many experiences, it is time to start own little short film project. The idea is out! Be ready to follow my  2 years journey of pre production, production and postproduction.

16th October 2020
30th October 2020

The limits

Why? How? When???

There is only one way to make the short film just in time. I have to make the limits. Due to low cost school project it is very important to keep the imagination limited by budget.

The sound of the world

Bring the life!

Every city and every world have its own sound and music, it is time to introduce the sound of my own world.

2nd January 2021
1st October 2020


This time, last time!

I have decided to go back to school... and  finish it.

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