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As a part of diploma thesis I have decided to create short sci-fi movie. Almost 5 years I was thinking about it and now it is finally a big reason to start and jump right into it.

How to start?

First of all I need to find a good team of people who shares my interest and wants to be a part of my journey. Most of the work is on me (scenario, sfx, vfx) but of course, I will need help. 

What to film?

I want to combine real miniatures with computer generated renders and combine it will real actors. The overall film will be situated in utopian future with diesel punk style. There is too much things to learn and try, one of them is good camera setup for filming miniatures to look like real life sized. The pc software for editing will be Vegas Pro for cut, Nuke for compositing, Blender for CG modelling and Substance Painter for texturing.

There is no way back, let`s do this!

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